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How many PDFs do you want?
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To convert your email to PDF, forward it to  Copy

A few seconds later, Email2PDF will answer with your PDF(s) attached!

Convert a single email and its attachments to a PDF

If you want to convert an email and all of its attachments to a PDF, follow this one, single step:

Forward the email you want to convert to Copy

That's right, you don't have to register or anything. A few seconds later, Email2PDF replies to your message with your PDF attached.

Convert mutliple emails and attachments at once

Let's say you would like to turn several emails into a PDF called "archive.pdf". To do this:

  • Forward the emails to Copy
  • Email2PDF replies with a link. Click it to download the generated PDF.

You can forward your emails to any address that reflect your current work:,, etc.


Things you don't have to worry of with Email2PDF

Email2PDF makes email to PDF conversion super easy. Think about all these regular constraints that just don't apply here.

Install some software

No need to install a Windows-only software of some kind. As an online service, Email2PDF is ready to use.


You don't register to Email2PDF. You just use the service, immediatly.

Use a particular email provider

Gmail, your hosting provider email, your internal email infrastructure... Email2PDF works with all email providers.

Use a particular email client

Whether you use Outlook or a webmail, whether you are on PC, Mac, Android, iOS... Email2PDF will serve you just as well.


Email2PDF is free for your first emails.

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No software to install, no registration. All you have to do to start converting your emails is fowarding them.

Single email

Forward the email to convert to Copy

Receive the PDF equivalent seconds later.

Convert your first email to PDF

Multiple emails

Choose your PDF name. For example "myarchive.pdf".

Forward all your emails to Copy

Click the link Email2PDF sends you to download your PDF.